LED Starlight Dancefloors

Led Dance floor's add that special touch to a wedding, especially the first dance seeing the bride swirl around in her husbands arms as they take to floor as newly weds for the first time, our floor is unique in that its a RGB light source meaning we can have a selection of coloured lights and not just the standard White star lights, 

We can give you Red, Blue, Pink, White, just to name a few, we can even get our floor to do 2 colours twinkling away at once, meaning if you have a pink colour theme for your wedding why not have a white floor with pink twinkling star lights, 

Our dance floors are available for small venues right up to large marquees, we will set up the floor at a pre agreed time and also collect it as agreed. 


Our LED dancefloors are RGB meaning we can select the colour of the lights to match up with your colour theme for the wedding or just go with traditional white starlights.

We offer the dancefloor is 3 size’s:

12ft x 12ft 

14ft x 14ft 

16ft x 16ft 

We also provide Black and White Dancefloors available in any size right up to 18ft x 18ft  Prices starting from £200

LED Dance floors hire from £249