Dance floors are great for any event be it a wedding, birthday or even a corporate event. Adding that wow factor for guests of all ages and party goers alike, whether it's a bride and groom for a first dance who want to be feel like they are floating amongst the stars on a white twinkling floor or maybe a birthday celebration for guests to strut their stuff while dancing the night away A dance floor will certainly add that touch of class to any event.

We offer a variety of dancefloors from white star-light floors to black and white floors and our white star-light floors come in 2 options as well, traditional white light up floors or our white RGB multi-colour light up floors whereby we can have the twinkling lights set to match a particular colour theme for the event adding even more of a unique touch.

Dancefloors are available in various sizes starting from 10ft and we can even create a starlight isle walkway perfect for wedding services so brides can walk down amongst the stars to her future husband, we can also create a walkway down the middle of a venue right on to the dancefloor itself.

Black star light dance floors are available upon request.

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